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His blue-grey eyes were dimmed as if showing worried for his dear friend Mandy - the blonde, green eyed, curvy, smart, bad-ass, demonic girl. She can handle herself.""You really think that, I try to show I am tough and strong but I can't she can though... "Irwin must be black mailing her somehow." His eyes seem to go wide seeing a huge bruise on Mandy's arm. everything become unbalanced, everything was being destroyed around him. "Your not my Mandy..." He said quietly only to have Mandy and Grim to hear. " He asked in her ear sobbing."Fuck how should I know Billy...

Billy's family is a new addition to Endsville so they are the most disturbed by everything going on.This helps prepare for whatever adventures await them in life. You can start by learning more about the campaign: Her Life. At each stage in our lives, our plans and goals will be different. wants to help women focus on their goals and reach their goals. Yes, I myself am focusing on my career, so birth control is part of my plan right now. I definitely want to become a mother at some point in the future. It’s a very personal decision, one you should make in consultation with your doctor.” Dr. A lot of people don’t realize that about half of the pregnancies in the US are completely unplanned, and that spans across all age groups.This campaign is about where a woman is throughout her life and finding the birth control best suited to her at that point in time. Starting or growing your family should be on your terms. A lot of times women just don’t know their options.” Moore added, “Knowledge is power.The argument over custody of Grim could be taken as an argument of which side the Reaper really serves, Heaven (represented here by Billy because of his innocence, naivety) or Hell (Represented by Mandy for her cruelty, harshness).

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The end judgement of Billy being forced to stay in Endsville/purgatory so neither side is without the Reaper would then mean that the Reaper has no one master, he serves both Heaven and Hell, but is seen as a feared spirit because of Hell's dominance over controlling him (Mandy is always the one to order Grim to do anything, Billy is usually just along for the ride.) That's all I've got for now, if I think of anything else I'll add it in.

@herlifeheradventures nominated actress, singer, and songwriter, Mandy Moore continues to enjoy versatility in a career marked by memorable performances in diversified roles across television, independent features, and studio films.

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