Alexz johnson dating tyler kyte

26-Jun-2019 14:59

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That being said, I like to throw in a little surprise every now and then. When I was made, the mold broke out of fear of what it had just created. I like all sorts of fanfic, and I've read tons of it (SERIOUSLY... So now I either daydream about said stories, which I do A LOT or I write them out.

Started writing stuff out when I was real young, about first grade or kindergarten maybe? ;) Oh, I was a prodigious reader starting from like, 4-5 on... I don't read as much nowadays, more from want of time than anything else (and computer distraction).

TO DOWNLOAD, CLICK HERE (right click, “save target as”) Ahhh it’s that time of year again…where we get a new theme song and opening credits. LOL at the people who thought it was going to be Jessica Tyler singing it. That’s usually my initial reaction every time they change it, lol. It doesn’t really matter though, I don’t watch the show for the 40-second intro.

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