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30-May-2019 22:24

One of the times I was in a MMF, I was tied to a table and blindfolded and they used me as they pleased.

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For a time, under his persuasion, I tried being the Mistress, giving him spankings when he was a bad boy. We would argue, he would become angry and pull away and I would withhold sexually, sometimes for weeks.We even spoke and fantasized about going to a local sex club. Eventually one of us would breakdown the barrier by giving in and apologizing.We tried to keep our relationship new and exciting, but there were patterns that were slowly destroying it. We would have sex and then get on with our day to day, really not diving into any depth about what all the tension was about in the first place.Three Pillows - The oldest and best MMF bi site on the web, bi operated. A sex researcher goes to New York and uncovers all sorts of polysexual fuckery.

American Bi - Well, there just had to be a movie with this title. Three Pillows - a REAL, independently run Bisexual site! * Live chat room, Member's posting board, Bi-only personal ads.We have more than 250,000 members and our network is completely free.