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After Zach got into the famous worldwide series like Vampire Diaries, he has made a fortune in the business planning to do more about his future in the role playing business. His fans came to know about his daughter only when the custody case came out.

Simon, an excellent psychologist brought in by Quinn to work on “Everlasting” this season.

We sat down with star Brandon Jay Mc Laren during a recent trip to set in Fort Lauderdale where he opened up about a big decision Jakes makes this season, which leads him down a pretty dark path. JJ: Does it intertwine with his personal struggles or is that separate? JJ: He narrowly missed being taken down with Briggs. JJ: Is the dark place Jakes goes to this season going to change him forever? I don’t know what’s going to happen in the last half of the season. And whether or not that leads him to the place he wants to go, that’s up for grabs. BJM: The great thing about that, when Mike comes back, he comes back a different dude, which is really cool.

Brandon also gave us some scoop on his characters’ two – yes returns on Wednesday, June 11 @ 10PM on USA! BJM: One of the love interests is directly involved with his personal [struggles] or becomes involved with it. It may not be revealed until the last couple episodes of the season. Is he having trouble trusting Briggs now or is that water under the bridge? I really don’t know where Jakes is going to end up. JJ: Would you say Jakes is pulling away from everybody? I don’t want to speak for the house, but Mike’s a little different this time around. It’s part territorial, part still feeling like he hasn’t paid his dues JJ: What will people like about season two that’s different than season one?

He has been busy in many projects and business while he is willing to pursue his career in acting and Hollywood industry.He also has made more effort in being in the acting industry playing in other television series such as Law & Order, Friday Night Lights.