Calculating and validating nmea checksums No sign up or credit card cam to cam stream

20-Dec-2019 02:01

I modified 1 character in the script, in a comment, and suddenly I was getting How does that work?Wouldn't you need to know the checksum before putting it in the script? Can someone please explain how a checksum for the entire script can be placed in the script? @muru No, you can't make a script that contains its own cryptographic hash.I am trying to use quectel L80 GPS receiver for my project.I am trying to configure the L80 using the PMTK strings. I know that for NMEA strings, the check sum is generated by 'XOR' operation of consecutive characters between '$' and '*' .Een eventuele andere oplossing zou het rechtstreeks programmeren van de COM-poort zijn maar dit is natuurlijk in ieder geval een stuk omslachtiger en ook dan heb ik geen idee van het gebruikte protocol.

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I was reading the installer script, when i noticed there is a checksum for the install script in the install script?

De lichtkrant is via de seriele poort met een RS-232 kabel aangesloten.

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