Christian speeddating

26-Sep-2019 16:55

Unfortunately, for single Christians, the concept of “Christian Speed Dating” is a more of a myth than a reality.In writing this article, we asked ourselves one simple question, “Do Christian speed dating events really exist and if so, where do I find them?” That was all the encouragement I needed to finally take the plunge.In T minus 168 hours, Agent Bagby, investigative journalist extraordinaire, was about to enter the world of speed dating.This singles night is also for singles who have an 'international mentality' - having either lived abroad or having a strong interest in travelling.

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Meeting people is not hard - meeting quality singles that share your values and your faith in Christ is what can be so challenging.

That's why at Christian Singles Only we help you focus on dating the right people by introducing you to sincere, faith-oriented singles you would not normally meet on your own.

Christian Speed Dating: Learn why Christian Speed Dating is a myth and what you can do about it!

“Look, Laura, think of it this way,” my bright-eyed, bouncy friend persuaded me several years ago while I was in one of my indecisive, overly analytical moments.

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“If it doesn’t work out, you can write an article about it!Christian singles UK enjoy Christian speed dating as a fun and safe way to meet other Christian singles.

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