Dating a non virgin

16-Nov-2019 04:47

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Question: "Can/should a Christian who is a virgin marry someone who is not a virgin?

" Answer: The ideal situation for Christian marriage is, of course, when both parties are virgins, having understood that marriage is the only place in God’s eyes for sexual relations. Many times, a person raised in a godly home and saved from childhood wishes to marry someone who was saved in his or her 20s or 30s and who brings to the Christian marriage a past lived according to worldly standards.

I just found out that my boyfriend of almost two years had a sexual relationship with a girl about two years before we met.

He said it only happened once, and he then ended the relationship and confessed his sin.

He told me this because we are planning to get engaged, and he wanted me to know so that I would have the opportunity to end the relationship.

I have no desire to break up with him — I feel he is the man God has for me to marry.

Christ died for his/her sin, and the potential spouse now has to decide if the memory of that sin can be lived with.

This is where doctrine moves from the theoretical to the practical.

When you measure your lovability by trying to quantify your sexuality, you diminish your humanity.For some reason, the modern sitcom seems to be the only venue that openly addresses the dark awkwardness of a dating partner’s sexual past.Television can make such a history into a lot of things — meaningless, devastating, even humorous.For one reason or another they assume that the girl is also a virgin.

Then – they find out that she is not as “pure” and “innocent” as they are, and as they thought she would be. In that situation, a typical guy, who doesn’t have any sexual experience and who is still a virgin, finds it really difficult to get used to the idea that the girl is not as “clean” and innocent as he is.When we begin to understand what it means to be truly forgiven, we begin to see through God's eyes and how much He must love us, and that helps us forgive others.