Dating antique axe heads

21-Aug-2019 11:32

Authentically forged Viking era axes made in Oakland, California.Interested in getting one made or learning to make one yourself?The discovery pushes back the technological advance to between 45,000 to 49,000 years ago, and coincides with the arrival of people in Australia.

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Otherwise condition is fine, noting some darkening to the brass.

The present example was made by Jan (or his brother Jacobus) van Wyk (also Wijk), recorded by Rooseboom and by the Websters as maker of octants and surveying instruments, flourishing c. The Boerhaave, and the Utrecht University Museum, each has examples of physics demonstration apparatus by van Wyk. The long thermometer permits temperature corrections. According to Middleton (The History of the Barometer, pp.

And Mrzer Bruyns, in his 2003 thesis on the octant, records seven surviving van Wyk octants (and see Tesseract Catalogue 29 Item 32). GOLDSCHMID-FORM POCKET BAROMETER, Swiss, late 19th century, signed "Th. 1856." This beautifully constructed aneroid barometer is contained in a shaped pebbled-leather covered doubly-hinged case, and consists of a 1-7/8" (19 mm) diameter lacquered brass drum with twin index arms reading against a 400 - 800 scale, readout magnifier, and rotating top with inset circular thermometer and silvered cylindrical scale divided every half unit from 0 to 50. 418 - 420) "It was a remarkable first attempt at a null instrument of this sort...." (8280) 50.

In late April, a sensational discovery was made in a field in the village of Hegra, not far from the Trondheim International Airport in Værnes.

Numerous axe heads, a knife blade and some fragments were lifted out of obscurity.It appears (and depending on what you read in books, online, catalogs, etc it will vary, trust me) that the Kelly Axe got started in the mid 1800s - pretty much in line with our other main companies we have talked about.