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They may share neither a color palette nor a design, but both depict paste papers found in eighteenth-century bindings.

Such papers — some boasting bright shocks of color, others dull or faded — are scattered throughout the covers, end papers, and edges of SLU’s rare book collection.

This helps them to know if it has been updated or not any time recently.

If it is older and they know the process has changed, they may ask for you to change it or go in and change it themselves.

To add to what Jakebeal stated, going with the date you LAST touched is important to get in the habit of from a work perspective too.

If you are working on a document that helps write out the steps needed to be taken for a certain process, documenting when it was last touched is key for co-workers.

There, Adrianna runs into Teddy Montgomery, her ex-boyfriend and a tennis pro who is a new student at West Beverly.

Dixon and Silver also decide to get back together, but when Dixon finds out that Ethan kissed Silver before he went away, Dixon naturally does not take it well decides to break up with Silver for good.

We’re a small and dynamic team specialising in public relations for the travel and tourism industry as well as property and lifestyle clients.

We use natural language processing, machine learning and social signals to analyse and extract the most relevant and engaging stories from social media and the web.