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Both adorable goldfish and predatory shark, a Piscean often displays a duality in his personality.

Epitomizing his water element, he is fluid and easygoing, always swimming with the current and going with the flow.

Getting in Touch With Your Sensitive Side Putting Your Heart into the Relationship Signs That Work Well With Pisces Community Q&A Pisces men can be wonderful romantics, so maybe they're a little pie-in-the-sky. On the other hand, they can often be insecure, needing reassurance from time to time.

The best and easiest way to get a Pisces Man to like you is to just be yourself: a little flirty and mysterious, but nothing in excess.

This inner focus of the Pisces man makes him mysterious and enigmatic to many people.

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You will never know when the conversation drifted from food to god to your biggest fears.

The illusory world of dreams, shadows, and secrets is as valid to the Piscean as the reality of this one, sometimes more so.