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Also, I could suggest these fine books: • "Laws of Shabbos" - by Rabbi Simcha Bunim Cohen • "39 Melochos" - by Rabbi Dovid Ribiat ( • "Shemirath Shabbath" - by Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth ( In 2003, an Arab terrorist blew himself up on the #2 bus en route from the Western Wall in Jerusalem, killing 23 people and wounding 136, many of them children.

The attack occurred on a double-length bus crowded with families on a summer vacation outing, and became known as the "family massacre." The bomber, from a Hamas cell in Hebron, was apparently disguised as an Orthodox Jew.

To that end, Shamash launched Eldelala — which means “the matchmaker” in Arabic — in April.

So far, the site has only about 50 members from around the world, including from the US, Canada, England, the Netherlands, and Sweden — who range in age from 21 to 72.

And finally, there are dynamic video segments that present common scenarios, and help you work through the practical halacha in each case.

Shamash, who published a book in 2015 about her Jewish family’s 1972 escape from Iraq, was traveling around the United States, giving talks about her background.