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Turns out Joey’s former Towie co-star, 26-year-old Ferne Mc Cann, had her most hated date fairly recently, in fact, it happened whilst filming. Kim K’s best mate, 42-year-old Jonathan Cheban has made it loud and clear that his main concern is the food involved.

His worst ever experience was having dinner with a – wait for it – Pescatarian.

Cats are cool, just not in numbers."Alex: "I don't like litter boxes, litter boxes are gross. Elaine eats a candy bar with a fork and a knife—she's a classy broad. Keith: "It's more red flag than red hot, but it's not a problem." Red Hot or Red Flag: Sex on the First Date Alex: "As hot as it gets. But if I sleep with the girl on the first date, I'm not going to end up having a serious relationship with her. So I don't think it's an indicator [of whether or not the relationship is going to work out]."Adey: "Magma. " Red Hot or Red Flag: Self-Depricating Humor Alex: "Red hot.

It's like she's hiding something." Red Hot or Red Flag: Cutting Pizza With a Fork and Knife Adey: "I'm from New York, I don't like that."Alex: "I'm a big fan, so that's a turn on. " Red Hot or Red Flag: Staying Close With An Ex Adey: "Red flag."Alex: "Red flag."J. I've had sex on the first date and never seen the person again, and I've had sex on the first date and gone into a relationship with that person.

The navy dress is by Rare London and if you're keen to copy Sarah, click right.

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At least they have a sense of humor and they're willing to laugh about their unfortunate situation."J. If it's self-depricating and not self-defecating—I think thats where we draw the line."Red Hot or Red Flag: No Hot Friends Adey: "That's a little strange judge of character because there's a reason why she's hanging out with ugly girls. Birds of a feather flock together so there's something ugly about her."J. I don't do messy drunks."Alex: "There's no such thing as being a straight drunk.

She doesn't wanna get pizza sauce all over her nice dress! I like a girl with a sense of humor, even if they're making fun of themselves. I'm pro-sloppy drunk." Red Hot or Red Flag: An AOL Email Address J. I prefer women who are on Compu Serve."Alex: "That means she's not very hip.

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He started kissing me, which I didn’t want, and I wished it would be over soon.The blonde is a surprise addition to the E4 matchmaking show, and was seen filming her first scenes in rainy London on Tuesday, alongside co-stars Charlotte Dawson, James 'Arg' Argent, Calum Best, Sarah-Jane Crawford and Frankie Cocozza.