Debates on scientific dating responding to dating email

26-Nov-2019 17:38

Agassiz wasted no time in communicating these revelations to the geological establishment.The following is an extract from his famous letter to Robert Jameson (1774–1854) that was published in The Scotsman on 7 October 1840 and in The Manchester Guardian a week later: “…Hence the new book (and hence of course this blog). It has been clear since the mid-1970s that radiocarbon indicated an earlier date than the previously orthodox archaeological estimate of ca. The chronology of Tell el-Daba: a crucial meeting point of C dating, archaeology, and Egyptology in the 2nd millennium BC.

Even though Buckland had already recognised glacial features in Dumfriesshire earlier that month, it can be argued that this was the first glacial fieldtrip in Britain.

Based on the available evidence, it seemed big game hunters from Asia known as the Clovis people were the first to blaze that trail, trekking across the now submerged land mass of Beringia to enter the New World around 13,000 years ago.