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03-Jun-2019 19:39

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Data file: historical_data_SPY_1hour_20140301 (text file – to download – right-click and select “Save Linked File As…”) Simple Moving Average (SMA) is simply the average price over last N number of bars.

A workbook of mine that worked fine for several years, when using Excel 2003, suddenly refused to update all the formulas, after a switch to Excel 2010. When someone tells you that formulas aren’t calculating, it’s probably because the Calculation setting has been changed to Manual, instead of Automatic.

Click the Formulas tab on the Excel Ribbon, and click Calculate Now or Calculate Sheet.

In the tooltip that is shown in the screen shot below, you can see that the shortcut for Calculate Sheet is Shift F9.

Even more mysterious, the calculations worked fine on some machines, but not others. That can happen if the first workbook that you open in an Excel session was saved as Manual calculation.

Whenever you change something on a Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet, the program will recalculate some of the cells in the worksheet, even some of those that did not change.

Unfortunately, if your spreadsheet is very large and contains a high number of formulas, then updating all of your formula values can be a pretty time-consuming and resource-intensive activity.

Fortunately you can make Excel 2010 stop updating your formula totals whenever you make a change to a cell and instead execute all of your formula calculations manually.

Excel file (download) containing formulas for calculation of simple moving average, Bollinger Bands, and exponential moving average as described in this post. The file contains OHCL price columns, volume, and timestamp column.

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For this example we’ve got a CSV file with 6 months of hourly SPY data, covering Sep 3, 2013 – Feb 28, 2014. Disclaimer: this file has been generated using IB Data Downloader.Note that this method will not stop Excel from executing formulas that consist of only numbers and mathematical operator symbols.

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