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Here are five takeaways from Gelles' profile of the digital romance industry's leading purveyor of relationships: 1.

This is not your father's online dating Digital romance was "once a seedy corner of the internet," Gelles writes, but "online dating has come of age," and today it's "nearly as commonplace as e-commerce." Match is the world's largest dating site, and the company has learned a lot from data provided by the 75 million users it has logged since its founding in 1995. And over the past two years, with much success, Match has rolled out an advanced profile-matching algorithm that recommends potential mates based as much on users' online actions as on what they say they're looking for. People don't know what they want in a mate The new algorithm, dubbed Synapse, has "taken the allure of online dating and amplified it," says Gelles.

According to Sandberg, these are the "good guys" who will make the best life partners.

Her simple, yet powerful, answer reminds us of the importance of mutual support in all relationships, romantic and otherwise.

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If they're going to be offended by the answer, you don't want to date them anyway."This simple, direct advice could be applied to both men and women, and is something that will hopefully bring people together in support of one another.

Central to this effort has been the development, over the past two years, of an improved matchmaking algorithm. "If you say you want a guy between 30 and 35 in New York who has a master's degree, you're going to get thousands of matches."Codenamed "Synapse", the Match algorithm uses a variety of factors to suggest possible mates.

While taking into account a user's stated ­preferences, such as desired age range, hair colour and body type, it also learns from their actions on the site.

And now the life advice guru is sharing her thoughts on dating and relationships.

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During an interview with the Financial Times, the Facebook chief operating officer was asked what kind of people are best to date.

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