Fran drescher dating younger man

28-Nov-2019 13:55

Kelsey is portrayed as a beacon of maturity because she isn't having sex with her dull boyfriend every night; "Thad masturbated next to me all night, but I did not let him break my concentration," she reports proudly to Liza, as if she has crossed some invisible barrier of maturity.feels all the more dated and eager to prove some grand point, when all it really needs to do is rely on the inherent charm of its ensemble.

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For every Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (pictured above; she said today she’s filing for divorce), for every Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins (that too didn’t work out well!

), the past had provided many examples of older women wanting –and getting–younger studs.

Older women bedding and wedding younger men is nothing new in Hollywood.

On ), for building a show around Foster; it's just too bad almost all of its humor leans into the overblown culture clash between her and the social media-obsessed, oversexed younger generation that's suddenly bossing her around.