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22-Jun-2019 21:18

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But things took a sour turn after it emerged that the app can be programmed to hurl abuse at fellow users by anonymously.

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Christina is also employed by the Asia-Pacific Centre for Neuromodulation (APCN) at the University of Queensland.By monitoring what other users said to it, Tay developed an understanding of speech and was able to write new tweets of its own.After cottoning on to the bot's design, a group of users made a concerted effort to bombard Tay with offensive messages.A free app popular with children has been taken over by bullies for more sinister purposes.

Sim Simi was intended to be a 'robot' who can be taught to reply to messages automatically with quirky responses.

But a teen education expert says the behaviour is "predatory" and "grooming". and it sends you a photo of your own profile picture, describing it as "the kind of lover I'm looking for."Then Banana gives you the options: "Love in Japan? "Here's a full interaction sent in by a Enlighten Education's Dannielle Miller said the bot took on a "predatory and creepy feel" and it's interaction was "grooming behaviour""You're chatting to someone online that you don't know and they keep pushing your boundaries and assuming this level of intimacy with you that they don't yet have," she said."That's exactly what it felt like." "I think it's really problematic that that kind of behaviour was normalised." She also said making light of bad online behavior sends the wrong message.

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