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Specifically, the X represented a Christian cross/Christ at this time, so by signing X, you’re essentially saying “In Christ’s name, it’s true / I assert.” “X” first started being used as a substitute for “Christ” by religious scholars about a millennia ago, which is actually how we ultimately got Xmas as an alternative name for Christmas.The X here is not actually the English X, but rather the Greek letter “Chi”, short for the Greek for Christ, .They claim that adultery was a property rights violation against the husband.However, they ignore the fact that raping a virgin was a property rights violation against the father.Designer jean-michel frank, to describe the things that simply cannot be repeated for thousands of years and thus excluded from analyses.

because its current answer depends on the assumption that premarital sex is πορνεία (commonly translated "fornication").

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You’ve seen XO as a sign-off representing love, affection, or friendship on letters, cards, emails, chat rooms and text messages.

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You may have even been torn on whether or not to include both the X and the O, considering one signifies hugs and the other means kisses.Signing letters with an ‘X’ dates back to the Middle Ages.