Is chelsea lately still dating 50 cent

29-Jun-2019 03:36

As if that wasn't enough scandalous dish, the "He's actually a lot different than you would think," she said of Fiddy.

"He's really sweet."I thought it was kind of amusing that I would even be with 50 Cent; I thought it was funny."And what did her famous pals think?

I'm going with Maria Sharapova.'Handler continued: 'It's all stuff I find fascinating.

I'm no longer on a network that just wants you to talk about celebrities, so I don't have to talk about celebrities.

"We dated for a couple months and then we had a falling out," Chelsea explained.WENNWhat’s with everybody sharing all their business about past relationships? ”“My son’s moms, she’s developed an extreme sense of entitlement. I don’t know if you agree with that statement, but if not financial, then mental.First it was Nick Cannon oversharing about sex with Mariah and the women from his bachelor days, and now, 50 Cent has decided to share his feelings about the women in his past while speaking to the folks at the Rickey Smiley Morning Show. No one has been able to do the maintenance required for her to not think about me. But what do you think about what he had to say about his relationships with these women? Listen to the radio interview for yourself below and let us know what you think. network finale may have led her back to unfinished business.

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The stage was electric for Tuesday’s star-studded live finale of “Chelsea Lately,” but it was the rekindling of an old flame that set the room afire.

On Tuesday, Handler shared an elated sporty snap of herself on holiday captioned: 'I f***ing love life, and I love the fact that I get to bike ride through Europe. There will be a studio portion too, but I want to keep the format loose so it's fun and different every night,' the Jersey girl told Entertainment Weekly last month.'Today we're going to a transgender school and meeting these girls and boys who have vocal coaches so they can sound more realistic when they're in transition.

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