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When Cal's mom ground Cal for a mouth Cal wants to runaway but he wanted finish watching T. However after when Cal and the others saved Richmond from King Snaptrap and the Snapbots in Cal Lewis Super Spy The Movie: The Cal Went Back Cal's mom let Cal stay in Petropolis with Dudley and Kitty and Dorothy's parents let Cal and Dorothy continue dating.

That's why Cal's been staying with Kitty Katswell until he can get back to Richmond in his world.

" Keswick was quiet for a minute "Alright, I'm on my way" He hung up and Kitty did the same, she sat down and sighed "I should just distract myself" she picked up a controller and turns on her game system "I hope Keswick gets here soon" meanwhile Dudley sat on a bench in a park."Oh man, I blew it yesterday, what's the matter with me?

" his mind replayed that night when he forced himself on her, he knew he went to far, he wanted to apologize to her but if he did she'd lose herself in lust forever, if she already hasn't lost it, he felt terrible and he had no idea what to do, Back with Kitty, she smiled as she heard a knock on her door."Finally" she got up and went over to the door and opened it, Keswick was on the other side and smiled at her "Hello Kitty" she moved to the side and let him in "Do you have the cure?

" she then remembered Dudley busting through and about to rape her "Oh my god, I remember now!

" she got up feeling sore "Ow, ow, ow, he must have really tore into me last night" she went over and looked at her calendar, and noticed Valentines day was a day away.

And since that certain holiday was Valentine's day, all the villains had finished their schemes early and their plans had been thwarted by the best TUFF Agents of all time, Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy.

Right now, both agents were waiting impatiently for the clock to mark six o'clock, as both had dates that night with their dream couples, Eric, the water delivery guy, and Daisy, Dudley's female counterpart.

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A sort of double date between Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell and their respective dates on Valentine's Day turns into the start of their toughest mission ever.

Then her phone rang and she hoped it wasn't Dudley as she picked it up and answered it "Hello? I'm not hundred per-percent sure this will work" Kitty got confused "What do you mean?

" Keswick was on the other line "Kitty, it's me Ke-Keswick" Kitty sighed in relief "Oh, hey Keswick, what is it? I be-be-believe I made a cure for that love potion! " Keswick was silent for a second "Well..for-formula I made, could very well save you, or it could turn you into Dudley's toy forever" Kitty got more worried then ever before, but she needed a way out."I'll take my chances, can you come over with that cure?

" she waited but the sound and the shaking got worse "LUNA!? But she wouldn't leave her lab, even though she had a house now, Kitty was pretty sure it was empty."You haven't been out of this lab for an entire year Luna, you need to go outside, meet some boys, I don't know, anything! " Kitty put a hand on her lap and looked into her eye's "It wasn't your fault, Pest was evil to the core, they made you do something horrible, and I'm sorry..please, at least come over for dinner tonight, you need friends and we're here for you" Luna sighed as she nodded "Okay..." Kitty smiled and stood up."Good, I'll see you tonight then" Kitty then left Luna's lab as Luna took out a Bracelet with pictures of her and her friends, Kitty was walking back to her desk when arms wrapped around her from behind "Wha!?

" she kicked open the door and a blue cat with purple hair tied up into a ponytail and her gem pink eyes were hiding behind a pair of goggles, she had ear muffs on as she drilled into a large piece of metal with a large drilling machine."Luna!? " she spun around and ready to attack when lips found her's and she recognized the taste as her boyfriend as the white dog broke the kiss."Hey there beautiful, how are you doing today?

Now Kitty wanted to help Luna up on her feet, and she was glad Luna finally agreed to come over, she needed friends, her thoughts were interrupted by a voice over the intercom "Agents Puppy and Katswell, report to my office!