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28-May-2019 14:13

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There are now unlimited options for dating and numerous tools to gain access to one’s potential or soul mate.Facebook gives you a sneak peak of the person in consideration, texting, provides a quick and non-obtrusive way to flirt and kick start the conversation and there are also a multitude of online dating sites to peruse.

But it’s actually been a rather emotional (and, dare I say, spiritual) journey for me these past few months. I was an awkward-as-heck high school student who never had a boyfriend and asked her own date to prom. So, before I get any more tangential, here’s a few things I’ve learned while surfing the web for a husband (not an overstatement): 1. Ok, that’s not an official statistic, and it’s probably not accurate. I am also terrible at online dating, as you’ll see by my awful conversation starters. It can feel like online shopping at times…which is probably not how it’s supposed to be. In the last week I’ve talked to only two people on Bumble, and both conversations were unfruitful.We created a singular solution that addresses both sets of challenges simultaneously.Unlike other roommate services, Free Room is about more than just renting a room. Then, she told me what it was like to raise two children on her own while her husband went off to war.Long gone are the days when a guy could simply pick up the telephone to ask a girl out on a date.

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The dating game has drastically changed over the last 10 years with the growth and sophistication of the Internet.

Welcome to Lauren’s dating derby Part 1, The Introduction.