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So naturally Navarro (with an assist from 's Dan Hyman) didn't have to be asked twice to interview Die Antwoord, just after a show in Philadelphia and 24 hours prior to touching down for a joint gig in Williamsburg. NINJA: We just gauge our shows sometimes, and when we enter a totally new audience, I think we kind of have shell shock. You're doing a performance, but it's relative to who's there. I find, personally, I like the size and the room in big venues like that, but I don't necessarily like the seats. Usually you have a lot of these idiots standing around half-watching. NAVARRO: I actually find that problem with the world at large. Let me say first that Jane's Addiction is super-happy and honored to have you guys playing with us. There's a lot of stuff going on right now in the electronic world, but there's not a whole lot of personality in the artists.NINJA: Yeah, it's fucking boring a lot of the time. DAN HYMAN: Ninja, how much did you know about Jane's Addiction before going on tour with them? I think a few years ago, Nine Inch Nails, they did a tour with Jane's Addiction.However, it's easy to see how the confusion arose: in our interview, the director explains that he wants to give fans what he describes as "the third film of the first two" – but he's speaking in terms of style, quality and vision, rather than referring to a direct sequel.

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But once you got past those unexpected appearances, the clothes were just as eye-popping—especially when it came to a red-and-white doodled-on Cara depantsing a gold track suit-clad Ninja.MTV: Did he come up with them just for the video, or has he been working on them for a while?Annie Hannah: As far as we know, it's one of his things!The film is set in a near-future Johannesburg, in which crime is controlled by menacing, militarised police robots. I found the process of making it unbelievably difficult. When it comes to filmmaking, shooting is probably what I like the least. He was like: “Stick it out, son.'' That said, while I was making it, I always felt as if I would love it once it was finished. Did you have a similar experience when making your other films? If I think of the movies that I really like, the directors always went through hell to make them. I can't put my finger on exactly why it was so difficult. While Chappie has some pretty dark moments, overall – compared to, say, Alex Garland’s Ex Machina – it felt like the film was ultimately very optimistic about Artificial Intelligence? I've been interested in AI for a long time – just as a scientific concept. If an entity isn’t biologically being “told” to act a certain way, that means that it also isn’t feeling aggression, and negative emotions like that.

When one of the robots (the titular Chappie) is secretly re-programmed to develop thoughts, feelings and a personality, events take an unexpected (and violent, and explosive) turn. I don't know whether I like it more than District 9, but I may. If you really get into it, scientists don't really know exactly where morality and ethics come from in humans. A lot of people today are saying artificial intelligence will wipe us out, but I don't necessarily think that's true.We caught up with Blomkamp to talk about why shooting Chappie was a “god-awful” experience, whether or not robots will one day destroy humanity, and why, when it comes to Alien, he’s planning to give fans exactly what they want.