Oracle updating a view

31-Jul-2019 00:04

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became part of Oracle Fusion Middleware as part of acquisition of BEA Systems in 2008.The JRockit code base and the Hot Spot virtual machine from Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) are currently being integrated, with the target of releasing a JVM with a combined code base around the release date of Java Development kit(JDK) 8.JRockit overrides class files which relate closely to the JVM, therefore retaining API compatibility while enhancing the performance (processing speed) of the JVM.that using JRockit can give significant performance gains."Refresh on commit" in a materialized view definition means that the data is updated when the source table changes are committed-- the refresh is synchronous with the commit.Refresh on commit requires a fast refresh but a fast refresh does not imply refresh on [email protected], thank you for the clarification.

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@Clinton - "Fast refresh" means that the data is updated incrementally.JRockit was made free and publicly available in May 2011.