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03-Sep-2019 03:33

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Even if your rates seem high, t he Department of Education puts a cap on consolidation loan rates at 8.25 percent.

One major advantage of federal consolidation loans is that borrowers don't need a stellar credit score to qualify, they can apply any time (even if their loan is in default) at Loan gov, and they'll always get a fixed interest rate.

The result is lower monthly payments, which frees up extra money to repay more student loan debt, save or invest.

Student loan refinancing could save you more than ,000 over the life of your student loans.

Minimum 0 to open an ATM Rebate Checking account.

Review the following questions and find what you need to know about consolidating student loans.Student loan consolidation allows borrowers to combine multiple loans into a single, new loan with a new interest rate, repayment options and terms.

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