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29-May-2019 03:43

I'm not great at descriptions but I'm much more than a few profile pics and hobbies :) xx I am happy in my own skin. I am a sensitive soul which means I love with all my heart . I will be upfront as well , I have a condition called fibromyalgia . I am looking for an actual connection with someone - someone that makes me feel giddy when I'm with them and gives me heart palpitations... I want to be able to be who I am with people :) So, if you're looking for a crazy, outgoing, movie buff who plays roller derby and owns 2 corn snakes then message away :) Books - The Hunger Games Harper Bliss novels Talking to the Dead trilogy - Annie Walls Wuthering Heights Movies - Tarantino Now you see me Zombieland Scream Quadrilogy Mean Girls Colombiana Horrors and zombie movies!Believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve and treating people like you want to be treated. Love going to car boots and auctions and Up cycling furniture. It does not stop me enjoying life as much as I can. Comedians - Lee Evans * if you love him, you're a keeper!I am very passionate about food, I love cuisine from all cultures and I love to cook and bake. I love nature, country walks and exploring woodlands, I feel happiest when I am close to the ocean. I love movies, especially horror, and enjoy to spend time with friends :) drama degree, love to help others and to work within education but my path has led me elsewhere.I am a tomboy at heart but I also have a very feminine side. Have a good sense of humour, I love to be silly at times & laugh often. There is lots to learn about a person so please feel free to ask any questions.. I love the seaside , Being by the sea is good for my soul. Looking for new LGBT friends in the area, maybe more if a connection develops.Photograph­er and all­ round cha­tting clas­s of perso­n.Looking­ for peopl­e with ope­n minded a­ttitudes. I make/design bohemian jewellery which involves a lot of textiles.

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In th­e summer T­racy used ­to have a ­paddling p­ool, as di­d I and we­ spent a g­reat deal ­of time pl­aying toge­ther. She ha­d a doll c­alled Alic­e with a B­ridesmaid ­dress and ­silk knick­ers to go ­with it wh­ich she us­ed to conv­ince me to­ wear.As time we­nt on, Tra­cy moved o­ut another­ new neigh­bour moved­ in.Also ­female but­ still wit­h our inno­cence in t­ack we pla­yed togeth­er making ­tents and ­dens.Peace x I'm a dark haired female who likes music, reading and sport I do a lot of cycling and also run, my mates say I'm kind, considerate and caring but also up for a laugh, anything else you want to know contact me...

I'm a super laid back, easy going person, I have a rather large shoe collection that is always growing, most of the time you'll find me wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt but you'll never see me without my eyebrows done (I have an apparent obsession with eyebrows). There is ALOT to me so please ask I am very easy going and relaxed. I have a lot of time for good people and love a laugh and banter, who doesn't?