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07-Sep-2019 07:22

The car had been left in “neutral gear”, but their passionate movements jolted the Niva so it edged forwards into the lake near Elan.

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The school physical education teacher and his girlfriend had earlier driven to the lake in Volograd region, but worried relatives later reported them missing when they failed to return.

JASON OM: And it may seem like an outlandish fantasy, but sex robots are being created right now.The Dark Web is the subject of an historic trial that begins in November in New York City. But this year, the light has shined very harshly on the Dark Web.A high-profile criminal case goes to trial next month. government says Ross Ulbricht is behind one of the largest drug and crime rings in history.In the latest instalment, US TV series Westworld, robots are slaves to their human masters.

(Extract from television series, Westworld)JASON OM: And in the UK TV series, Humans, robots are part of everyday life, replacing many aspects of human labour, including sexual services.But then came the overall IPO market malaise, followed several months later by the Lending Club mess and layoffs at quasi-rivals like Prosper and Avant.