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Research shows that the more times people come to the EX site, the more likely they are to quit smoking.

The three steps in the EX Quit Plan can help you: You know how certain things make you want to smoke, like stress at work, drinking a cup of coffee or even just watching the game with friends?

(GOSM and Char Griller w/ SFB) Check the forums for that info.

Start your smoker and get it up to 225-240 degrees F. Unwrap the meat, stick in the probe of your digital thermo (A highly recommended accessory.), and place the meat in the smoker, fat side down.

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If you have tried to quit smoking and failed before, take comfort in the fact that most smokers fail several times before quitting successfully.I don't know if I would have even bought my Traeger had I found this first. I got my Traeger for home and couldn't be happier, except not as smokey as I expected. Bought the 12" and 5 lbs of pellets although I am sure I could have used my Traeger pellets.Bought the 12" so I could stop using wood chips down at the cabin. My wife thought the neighbors might call the fire department because the Amazen puts out so much smoke. Thanks to Amazen and thanks for the helpful reviews that put me on the perfect smoke product.Your past failures are not a lesson that you are unable to quit.

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Instead, view them as part of the normal journey toward becoming a nonsmoker.

Choice of meat: I use bone in Pork Shoulder – Boston Butt for my pulled pork. I find mine at Sam’s club cryo-packed with two butts per pack.