Social anxiety dating service

18-Oct-2019 12:29

Last night she was over at my house along with a few friends.

We weren't drinking and I had had half a xanax.

In a previous post I indicated the nature and prevalence of social anxiety.

If you find yourself inhibited and anxious in a variety of social situations (speaking in front of a group, meeting new people, using public lockers or rest rooms, eating in public) and you fear that people will see your anxiety and that you will feel humiliated, then you may suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder.

e H: First dates can rattle anyones nerves, but if one suffers from anxiety it is something they might want to avoid. It’s normal to feel anxious in new situations like dating, the important thing is to not interpret that nervous feeling as a sign of trouble: with you, your date, or your potential together; it’s just human nature.

How does a person like this even get into the mindset of going on a date? We are wired to proceed with caution in situations where we can’t predict the outcome — and especially in those situations where we think we might get hurt. Rather than going into each date with the mindset that you have to find that one true love tonight, do an expectation makeover: imagine if you saw this date as an isolated event without consequences. Not the be all and end all, not the test of whether it’s worth it, not the test of whether you are lovable. While the big picture is that you want to find love and companionship, the immediate purpose in the moment is to connect.

Started to feel a little nervous so, remebering my previous shakes, i decided to take another half of Xanax.

I then started to worry that i shouldn't have taken another, felt a little sick and proceeded to have a panic attack.

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So let’s take a closer look at how this approach can help you overcome your social anxiety.

Many people with this problem will choose to avoid situations where they anticipate being anxious or they may use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate before entering these situations.

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