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Just because your sexting date didn’t involve travelling to a physical location doesn’t mean it isn’t rude to be noticeably late or to cancel abruptly.On the same note, try not to let the session run too long unless it’s clear that that’s what you both really want.Their judgment was published in full, earlier this week, by blogger Obscenity Lawyer, a solicitor and one of the UK's leading legal experts providing advice to defendants on matters of obscenity and extreme porn.The judgment states (par 21): There could be no sensible reason for the legislature having excluded otherwise obscene material from the scope of the legislation, merely because it was likely to be read by, and therefore liable to deprave and corrupt, only one person...( PM) bradass87: since they released the 9/11 “pager messages” ( PM) bradass87: i immediately recognized that they were from an NSA database, and i felt comfortable enough to come forward ( PM) bradass87: so… it was an awful incident, but nothing like the baghdad one ( PM) Manning: the investigating officers left the material unprotected, sitting in a directory on a mil ( PM) Manning: server ( PM) Manning: but they did zip up the files, aes-256, with an excellent password… threw a lot of food away ( AM) Manning: yes, football cheerleaders… apart of Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) projects ( AM) Lamo: *sigh* ( AM) Manning: ( AM) Manning: there’s only one other person im aware of that actually knows anything about computer security… music ( PM) Manning: all out in the open ( PM) Manning: bringing CDs too and from the networks was/is a common phenomeon ( PM) Lamo: is that how you got the cables out? Lamo says he does consider himself a journalist and that he made the offer in good faith.” BBC News, 8/6/2010: “I was a private citizen in a private capacity – there was no source, journalist relationship,” [Lamo] told BBC News. I would have been happy to write about him myself, but we just decided that it would be too unethical.” New York Times, 12/16/2010: “Private Manning is said to claim that he had been directly communicating with Mr.right after thanksgiving timeframe of 2009 ( PM) bradass87: Hilary Clinton, and several thousand diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack when they wake up one morning, and finds an entire repository of classified foreign policy is available, in searchable format to the public…… so afaik it hasn’t been broken yet ( PM) Manning: 14 chars… he’s a SIGINT analyst, of course ( AM) Lamo: Is he the other one who pokes around t he network? afaik, he doesn’t play around with classified networks… ( PM) Manning: perhaps ( PM) Manning: i would come in with music on a CD-RW ( PM) Manning: labelled with something like “Lady Gaga”… then write a compressed split file ( PM) Manning: no-one suspected a thing ( PM) Manning: =L kind of sad ( PM) Lamo: and odds are, they never will ( PM) Manning: i didnt even have to hide anything ( PM) Lamo: from a professional perspective, i’m curious how the server they were on was insecure ( PM) Manning: you had people working 14 hours a day… Assange using an encrypted Internet conferencing service as the soldier was downloading government files.

The 51-year-old arranged to meet the ‘teen’ but was instead greeted by members of the group.

The three versions have been merged in the text below: ( PM) bradass87: hypothetical question: if you had free reign over classified networks for long periods of time… ( PM) bradass87: things that would have an impact on 6.7 billion people ( PM) bradass87: say… ( PM) bradass87: what was the last message you recieved? ( PM) Manning: they also caught wind that he had a video… And the answer to that was, no, at which point they went back to watching a movie.” Boston Globe, 8/1/2010: “Adrian Lamo, a former computer hacker who traded instant messages with Manning and later turned him in to authorities, said he knew of five people whom Army officials have interviewed over the past few months in the Boston area…Lamo said he doubts Manning had the technical savvy to copy all the data on his own.

( PM) Adrian: ( PM) bradass87: theres substantial lag i think ( PM) bradass87: before that ( PM) Adrian: ( PM) bradass87: lets just say *someone* i know intimately well, has been penetrating US classified networks, mining data like the ones described… i wouldn’t mind going to prison for the rest of my life, or being executed so much, if it wasn’t for the possibility of having pictures of me… of the Gharani airstrike in afghanistan, which he has, but … He thinks Manning received help from hackers in the area who provided him with encryption software to send the classified information to Wiki Leaks, and who helped him ensure those leaks were featured prominently on the website….

A married father was caught trying to groom a child by vigilante paedophile hunters.

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Anthony Morgan believed he had been chatting to a 13-year-old schoolgirl online but was actually duped by Dark Justice – a group that trawls the web to expose people looking for vulnerable children.This is legal dynamite - and in one single judgment catapults the UK to the back of the queue on a range of international indices on freedom of speech.