Tony newport dating game

26-Aug-2019 12:30

That’s the message, and the name, of Laguna Woods Village’s new version of the iconic show “The Dating Game,” which is set to air Friday on the community’s cable station, Channel 6-TV.Produced by Laguna Woods resident Phil Doran and the Video Club of Laguna Woods, “Never Too Late to Date” shines a light on how seniors in this retirement community are redefining aging.Written in big bold letters across the top is the goal: “Get her on a date or get her number so you can meet up with her later on.” The coaching package Bowers signed up for includes excursions with the glib and confident Nguyen by his side acting as the “personal wingman” advertised on Nguyen’s website.Nguyen, 27, is there to push Bowers forward for that first hello and to keep conversations going should Bowers falter. With a reverence befitting his pristine offering, from one warrior to another, he gifts back to Webb: The Jumper. He is almost abusive as he spits at him."I am not playing because of you," he says. Webb pauses, from his clothing he pulls out his football jumper and thrusts it at Grimes. Never one to be afraid to put his head in a tough place on or off the field, he bears the hallmarks of a life hard lived. Before he can leave the microphone Peter Grimes appears before him.It’s a Thursday night in October and Bernie Bowers can’t help but shiver as women in short, tight dresses walk past.The thin, long-sleeve shirt he’s wearing isn’t enough to keep Bowers warm as the evening cools down. The mission for the shy 26-year-old technology consultant is to walk up and say hi to those very same women heading into the night life of restaurants, bars and clubs at The Triangle in Costa Mesa.

But first they go over a tip sheet Nguyen brought along.

Later Peter Webb squares up with the assailant, Ian Burgess, and is subsequently booked and suspended. A tin shed, scuffed floor, walls wearied and punctured by a generation of hard boots and errant footballs; and dank showers with all the appeal and grace of an abandoned urinal - were good enough for Gormanston's champion triple premiership team.

With ten minutes to go we are seated around the walls of the change rooms.

“My grandmother, when she got old she was in a back room; she never went out.

(Today), people this age are out playing golf, playing tennis.“There’s a lot of singles action here,” Doran said about the community formerly known as Leisure World, where the average age is 77.