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02-May-2019 00:54

While there have been six i Phones released since 2007, over 800 different models of Android phones have been released in the same period of time.Android phones use a wide variety of different hardware.Put file "update_1024.zip" into an Micro SD card(TF card). Version 6.2.10 Upgrade Posted: 09/17/2015 This software version is for dealers who want to add the following features to their existing VAM and VAM-WH accounts.The new update brings a complete overhaul in terms of the user interface and features.The UI has now been upgraded to the new Material design from the old Holo one.

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The WD TV Live device will check the Root Directory of any attached USB devices, as well as the internet (if it detects it has access) for an update.

Please follow the instructions below to download the new software.