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14-Jun-2019 19:46

updating optical drive in imac-47

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Until this SSD starts to fill up considerably (believed to be around 4GB remaining space), your machine will solely rely on the faster solid state storage.

Once you’ve filled up this space, OS X starts its process of managing your data, but it will always keep a small amount of space free as buffer for incoming data.

It’s been a long time since Apple last updated the Mac mini. Actually the old Mac mini wasn’t a bad machine even towards the end.

updating optical drive in imac-47

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There were a few other points in favour of the old Mac mini and the main one was the fact that it had a spin-off hatch on the underside that you could remove in order to add your own upgrades.

We’ve been told that these drives have only recently become available in a smaller physical size, likely Apple was waiting for this new drive before offering the option for the Mac mini.

Here is the spec for the 2012 Mac mini models: As you can see, aside from the entry-level model, the older Mac mini models offered faster quad-core i7 processors along with 2TB storage in the server model.

Once you’ve had one, you’ll never want to go back to relying on sluggish hard drive platters and delicate moving parts again.

The only snag is that solid state storage is still prohibitively expensive for storing lots of data. Fusion Drive is simply the name given technology that uses a solid state drive a hard disk drive in tandem.

In this article we look at the upgrades that are possible on each category of Mac, as well as discussing some more general Mac upgrade advice.

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