Updating ubuntu from terminal

31-May-2019 04:46

Hi all, this is for anyone who wants to use the terminal to fully update their current installed OS to the next available version, you just need to follow the next few steps and you can update directly without using the on-board update tool (Software Updater).

First, make sure that your current software sources are set to your liking, making sure that the "Canonical" repositories are also active if you wish to also update any non-free software you might have installed such as Skype.

When people first start to use Ubuntu they will use the Ubuntu Software Manager to install software.

(Just to be on the safe side otherwise the full OS update may well fail!When a new version of Ubuntu is released, and you need to upgrade a server or a desktop, you can not access directly, the only option you have is to use the terminal and a ssh connection.

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